Sara Zaker initially started off in the field of hardcore science with a major in Biochemistry but quickly changed to the field of humanities- something that was more suited to her nature and lifestyle. Sara completed her BA Honors and Masters from Dhaka University in English Literature. Her profession started off in 1985 in the field of Market Research in MRC Mode Ltd. Once her skills in the field were honed she decided it was time to get a taste of a different type of work. In order to do this she joined Asiatic and presently she is the vice chairperson of Asiatic 3Sixty comprising Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd, an associate of J. Walter Thompson, which leads the industry along with Asiatic Talkingpoint Communications Ltd., MEC, Maxus, Asiatic Mindshare, ForthoughtPR, Ddhoni Chitra Ltd, Asiatic Events Ltd, Footprint, Stencil Bangladesh Ltd., Moitree Printers Ltd., MRC-Mode Ltd., Radio Shadhin. Sara Zaker has upheld the role of a project head of Nayantara- a co-production house of Sesame workshop New York since its inception in 2004. Most recently she produced a film “Chuye Dilo Mon”. It is still running in various halls within Bangladesh and out of country.

Year Name of Employer Employment Status Position Held Country of Employment
1995 MRC-MODE Limited Shareholding employee Managing Director Bangladesh
1997 Asiatic Events Marketing Ltd. Shareholding employee Director Bangladesh
2000 Ddhoni Chitra Ltd. Shareholding employee Managing Director Bangladesh
2001 Group M Shareholding employee Managing Director Bangladesh
2004 Nayantara Communications Shareholding employee Chief Executive Officer Bangladesh
2009 Forethought PR Ltd. Shareholding employee Director Bangladesh

Asiatic Marketing Communications ltd

We are storytellers. All of us. We all have our little stories. Tales that we like to share with others. Stories that become epics, ballads that become history. Like the many brands we handle. Each brand has a story. Each person we have touched with our communication is a part of that story Welcome to our story.

Asiatic Talkingpoint Communications Limited

Some people talk, some listen and some make talking points. Because they get people to talk about those points and get people to listen to them. That is a superpower Asiatic Talkingpoint is a band of superheroes coming together to form a communication agency.


GroupM leverages over 30% of the world’s advertising spend through the combined power of WPP’s media agencies: $84 billion global billings. A media investment management group under the partnership between Asiatic 360 and GroupM.

Asiatic EXP

We touch life with passionate ideas that create priceless moments, we call EXPERIENCE. Today, brands have become what people say they are. And what they say is based on their experiences with the brand For nearly two decades we have been creating experiences that matter. With a team of self-motivated enthusiasts, we are ‘Living Ideas’

Asiatic Digital

Digitally integrated creative agency to connect human to human in meaningful modern ways with idea led, media neutral approach.

Forethought PR

Forethought PR is an independent PR agency with an objective to serve clients with strategic solutions based on progressive ideas integrated with conventional wisdom. It is the Public Relation wing of the oldest advertising agency of the country, Asiatic JWT, operating since January 2009.

Ddhoni-Chitra Ltd.

Ddhoni-Chitra Ltd. is a professional Creative and Technical Production House in the arena of Audio Visual media in Bangladesh. Today, Ddhoni-Chitra is well equipped with audio-visual production and postproduction backup facilities such as Editing, Camera, Animation and Sound recording. Ddhoni-Chitra is a sister concern of ASIATIC MCL, the leading communication company in Bangladesh.